Vendor Spotlight: Living Word Décor

There is something wonderful and refreshing about finding handmade, beautiful items that remind us of the truth of Jesus. This is one reason that we were super excited to get to interview Christine from Living Word Décor (plus, her painting skills are amazing!). 

Christine began making Bible verse and encouraging home décor about 5 years ago, and it all stemmed from her health struggles. She had been suffering for several years before she was properly diagnosed with Lyme Disease, and by that time, it was considered late-stage and she was quite ill. During that time, she spent most of her days reading the Bible–a place where she has always looked for encouragement and strength.

“God’s promises gave me the hope and peace that I needed to persevere. I decided that I wanted to surround myself with His word, so I started out making signs for my own home,” Christine said.

Then, with the encouragement of family and friends, she opened up an online store to share the hope of God’s Word with others. Plus–God did, in His timing, bring me healing too! 

Q: What motivates you in your crafting business?

A: I create each piece with the desire to bless those who will receive them, and to bring glory to God.  My hope and prayer for this ministry I feel thankful to provide, is that others will find something I make that helps to carry them through their own seasons of life! 

Q: What do you like best about being a craft seller?

A: I love the whole process of drawing new designs and then seeing the finished product once it has been painted. I also love it when I receive a custom request and I get to hear a new story about why a particular scripture verse means a lot to someone. I think the interaction with my customers is a highlight because their own God stories really encourage me and increase my own faith! 

Q: Tell a story about your favorite piece that you have made.

A: One of my favorite pieces is a scripture jar I made for someone who was going through a difficult time, dealing with anxiety. It’s a decorative ball jar filled with over 30 Bible verses that deal with fear and anxiety. While it’s not one of my typical wooden signs, it’s very much in line with my desire to share hope and comfort through what I create. 

I consider it one of my favorites because when my grandmother was alive and living with me and my husband, she used to help me fold the pieces of cardstock containing the scriptures so I could place them in the jar.  At almost 100 years old, I know it made her feel useful and gave her a sense of accomplishment! Plus, we got to spend time together doing something meaningful and fun!

Q: What is your design process?

A: All of my creations begin with prayer. I typically choose to showcase verses that are meaningful in my own life, but I also want to make sure I’m offering a variety that will speak to others, too.

I start out by drawing an image and hand-lettering a Bible verse on a sketch pad. This part typically involves a lot of erasing and redrawing, until I settle on a finished design.

Once I have my picture drawn, I use transfer paper to copy my design onto the wood. Once the design is on the wood, I hand paint it all from start to finish with acrylic paint. We offer saw tooth hangers on the back as well. 

You’ll see lots of flowers on my signs. I like to paint a variety of those, as well as some birds and other things.

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