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This is, like, the most important tab! This is where you will go to see all of your orders, your customer’s information, and process your orders. It is important that you only fulfil orders that are marked as “processing.”

  • Orders marked “pending payment” means that the customer left the check-out process before finishing payment. They can come back and complete their order; these orders are deleted when the shopping event closes for the month.
  • Orders marked “complete” are orders that you have finished shipping and require no more action by you. Also, if the order is for a downloadable product, it should automatically be marked as “complete” because you do not have to send any product–the file was already released to the customer after checkout. (Learn more about downloadable products in our Product Listing Tutorial.)
  • Orders marked “cancelled” were cancelled by the customer before the order was completed.
  • Orders marked “failed” were not paid for because the customer’s payment method failed.

Tutorial Video

This quick video will give you an overview of this tab, walk you through the options available to you on each order, and show you how to fulfil an order:

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