By signing up to sell with Craft Fair USA, you agree to the following:

  • You are over the age of 18 and located within the USA.
  • Craft Fair USA has the right to use photos/descriptions/other information uploaded to our site for marketing and other purposes.
  • All communication with vendors is done via email. We send out lots of helpful information and selling tips–be sure to add the email address to your contact list so that our emails will always go to your inbox.
  • Vendor training is available at Blog – Craft Fair USA
  • Our support team is more than happy to offer personalized help and support–just email them at
  • You will contact us at if you are unable to create any product listings or sell at the event that you have registered for. This way, we can hide your booth from shoppers during that event.
  • Booths that have no banner image uploaded by the Tuesday before the event will have a banner image assigned to them. This image can be replaced by an image of the vendor’s choosing.
  • Booths that have zero products listed by the Friday of the event will be hidden from the website. We will contact the vendor if/when we hide the booth. Booths will be unhidden if the vendor replies to the email that they have a/multiple products to list.
  • Product listings are randomized each hour by a piece of software on our site. there are no parameters for this randomization. We do this to give each item a chance to be seen on page 1.
  • Refunds: We do not offer refunds on vendor booth fees. We assume that all potential vendors have read the vendor FAQ page, read the information on the booth fee page, and reached out to our support team at before placing their booth fee purchase. Vendors also have the chance to create a vendor account at My account and see how the process works through interaction with their new account and the tutorials at Blog – Craft Fair USA before purchasing a booth fee. If something comes up, please reach out to us at as we may be able to move your booth fee payment to another month’s event.
  • Vendor Removal: Vendors can be banned from selling with us by:
    1. Failing to respond to email questions sent to them by Craft Fair USA.
    2. Failing to send items purchased to customers.
    3. Other issues deemed appropriate by the Craft Fair USA Management Team.

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