Holiday Icing Cookies Home Decor Pillow


I am sewing pillows for seasonal and home decor.  They are 12X12 square inches for $13.00 and 16X16 square inches for $15.00.  The pillows are ‘envelope-style’, so that the cover can be removed and another cover added!  I also sell just the covers only, for $8.00 each, in case you just need a cover and already have the pillow.

I donate $1.00 from each of my sales to the Coronavirus Response Fund For Nurses because my daughter is a nurse in the ICU.

I hope you enjoy browsing my collection of pillows, especially the holiday ones I am sewing now!

Sold By: The Pillow Nook


Email me at, or look for my page on Facebook at The Pillow Nook!


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