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Product Photos

Product images are one of the most important parts of selling online. When you sell at an in-person craft fair, shoppers are able to pick up, touch, and feel the items that you are selling. Online, customers must be drawn in by your product photos. These photos should also convey product information such as: size, weight, feel (soft/hard/luxurious), etc.

Tips and Tricks:

We have compiled inspiration, examples, and easy photography hacks to help you ace your product photos with ease. This video will walk you through all of this in less than 5 minutes.

What types of photos to upload:

It is a good idea to try and have photo backgrounds that are not too busy or distracting. Also, try to be wary of where shadows fall in your photos. You would not want a perfect photo to be ruined because it is half-covered by a shadow. The easiest way to accomplish these things is to purchase a piece of white poster board, lay it down outside on a sunny day, and place your items down on it. Take photos from above, being mindful that you are not causing bad shadows, and crop the image so that only the item and the white background are visible.

  1. Images that show the entire object.
  2. Images that show all of the variants. Collage images can work, as well. is an easy and free tool to use for this. They actually have a new tool JUST for collages:
  3. Close-up images that show the detail of a certain part of the item.
  4. Images that show the functionality of the item. For example, a book sitting on a table next to a cup of tea, a tea pot being used to pour tea, a purse being opened to show the inner pockets.
  5. Images that help convey size. For example, a necklace being worn to show length, a book being held as if it was being read, a purse being held over someone’s shoulder, a hand holding a pillow or stuffed animal.

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