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If a customer requests a refund, it is the vendor’s responsibility to process this. Remember, all customer funds are deposited directly into your PayPal account, so Craft Fair USA does not need to be a part of refund negotiations.

However, if you would like help our advice for responding to a refund request, we are always here to help! Email us at with the order number, customer name, and refund request details and we will be happy to offer advice.

Create Return Policies

It may be a great idea to create a little blurb about if/when you accept returns/offer refunds. This way, you will be able to reference this policy if you receive a refund request.

You can easily place this blurb into your vendor biography (learn how under “Booth, Vendor Biography” HERE). Another option is to include your return policies at the end of your product descriptions. Do not put this into the product short description, but the product description. Learn the difference HERE.

Return policy examples:

  • No refunds, returns, or exchanges.
  • No refunds, returns, or exchanges on custom items. Contact me at to request a refund.
  • We offer refunds, returns, exchanges on some instances, not including loss by the shipping carrier. Contact me at to request a refund.
  • We offer refunds, returns, or exchanges if packages are lost by the shipping carrier or if products arrive broken. If products arrive broken, customer must save the crushed packaging and send me a photo of the packaging and the broken item at The item in question must be shipped back to me; refund/exchange will be processed when item is received by me.

Some other things to think about including in your refund policy/information:

  • All refunds will be sent to the customer’s PayPal account.
  • All refunds will be sent, minus a 4% processing fee.

Processing a Refund:

In order to process a refund, you will need to send the funds from your PayPal account to the customer. The easiest way to do this is to ask for the customer’s PayPal address and send them the refund amount.

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