Thousands of Shoppers are waiting to view your virtual booth.

Craft Fair USA offers the largest, monthly, online craft fair marketplace for USA-based crafters, makers, and small business owners. That means that you can focus on your passion…and we’ll do the rest.

Reasons to sell with Craft Fair USA

  • We’re here to guide you through your online selling journey with our easy-to-follow tutorials and personal support.
  • Well-established platform with built-in card processing. All you need is a PayPal account.
  • We charge 0% fees on all transactions.*
  • Our monthly, 4-day events typically see between 5,000-15,000 shoppers.
  • No need to send out orders every month–set up your product listings before our 4-day event, log in to answer any customer questions, and ship orders after the event ends.
  • Product listings are continuously randomized on the “Shop All” and category pages. No vendors or products are prioritized.
  • Meet other vendors from across the USA, swap stories, and share tips & tricks in our Vendors-Only Facebook Group.
*Funds from each order are processed and directly deposited into the vendor’s PayPal account. PayPal fees will apply.

What do you need to get started?

Selling on Craft Fair USA is simple, easy, and we are here to support you every step of the way. All you need is:

  • A PayPal account. That’s how you’ll get paid.
  • An email account. This is how we keep our vendor team updated.
  • The ability to ship within the USA. Never worry about international shipping charges.
  • Product photos. So everyone can see your awesome products.

Registration is Currently Closed.

Upcoming event dates are:

  • October 21-24
  • November 25-28
  • December… No Event

Want to join our Vendor Team in September? Registration closes on September 15.

Sign up to get notified when registration for the future events open by signing up for our Potential Vendor email list.

Vendor FAQs

We offer two booth fee options to our vendors:

  • The Standard Booth comes with 30 product listings and costs $30.
  • The Premium Booth comes with 45 product listings and costs $40.

All returning vendors receive $10 off of consecutive booth fees.

Each product listing can have more than one of each item (this is accomplished with inventory levels). Also, vendors can offer multiple options/variations on each product listing. Learn about this process in our Product Listing tutorial, under the “Variable Product” heading.

Plus, if one product listing sells out during the sales event, vendors can replace that listing with a new product listing!

All purchases are completed on the Craft Fair USA website. But, funds are transferred directly from the customer’s payment method to the PayPal account of the vendor at the time of purchase; Craft Fair USA never touches those funds.

The customer will receive an order confirmation email from Craft Fair USA, as well as a receipt from the vendor’s PayPal account.

Craft Fair USA charges 0% fees on any sales or transactions made on our marketplace. PayPal fees will apply.

We do not ask for proof of business license, but vendors are responsible to claim income for tax purposes.

Yes! By creating your product listings as “external products”, your listings will show a “Buy Now” button that leads to the corresponding web address of your choosing.

Vendors will be able to log in to their vendor dashboard to upload images and create product listings. View our Simple Guide to Adding a Product Listing tutorial to learn more about the process.

Each vendor will be able to create a virtual booth space where information can be shared in the written biography section or through the upload of a banner image. Learn more about entering info on your booth page in our Booth Settings tutorial.

This is not set up automatically; shoppers are encouraged to view all of the participating vendors by heading to our Virtual Vendor Mall. However, by adding your booth name to product descriptions, your products will show up in a search for your booth name.

We ask for no personal information. In setting up your booth for customers, you will be prompted to enter an email address, name, and mailing address. The mailing address is not shared with your customers.

But, there is a Google Maps section that we ask vendors to set up to point to their general location—most shoppers on our site love to see what area of the USA each vendor is from.

Vendor Reviews

"I would highly recommend Craft Fair USA. They were very helpful to me and made it very easy to post my items. Getting paid quick was the best part!"
Debbie Z.
"This is turning into one of the better shows of any kind that I have had in the past 7 years that I have been making purses and doing shows."
Melissa M.
"I had so much fun being a vendor...The site is easy to use and there is great communication from the Craft Fair Coordinator."
Joanna C.

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