Vendor FAQs

Curious on how to become a vendor at Craft Fair USA? Take a look at these common questions and then head HERE to apply for a booth space!

Upcoming events.

You do not need to stick to the event theme for all of your products. However, we will be marketing these events along the lines of each theme. 
  • July 24-27
  • August 27-30
  • September 17-20 (Special Halloween Event)
  • October 22-25 (Thanksgiving Theme)
  • November 27-30 (Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday Theme)
  • December 24-27 (Give yourself a Gift for Christmas Theme) You do not need to be present or available on these days to participate. Just make sure that you have your booth set up before the event and come back on the last day, or the day after the event, to fulfill orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Craft Fair USA compare with Etsy? Craft Fair USA is similar to Etsy, or other shopping platforms such as Ebay or Amazon. We offer a similar experience for the customer, and a similar vendor portal for each seller. However, when compared to Etsy, we do not take a per sale transaction fee. Instead, we charge a booth fee, just like an in-person craft fair would, and we charge a Credit Card Processing Fee, similar to what you would pay if using Square to accept credit cards at an in-person event. (The fee is 2.8%) We are not set up as well as Etsy is when it comes to custom items, however; our platform works best with pre-made items like the ones that would be taken to a physical craft fair and set up in a booth. Each vendor will be able to be contacted via email by customers if a custom item is desired by that customer.
  2. How does this compare with Facebook Marketplace? This is more closely related to Etsy than Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace tends to be more localized than Craft Fair USA (we have shoppers across the US) and most shoppers on Marketplace are looking for a deal; we are striving to create a curated marketplace where shoppers will pay top dollar for handmade goods. People come to Craft Fair USA specifically to connect with artists and crafters; people go to Facebook Marketplace with more of a “yard-sale” mentality.
  3. Am I able to see sample booths before opening? We have a couple sample booths that you can peruse. Here are the links to some booths to see what they will look like. Visit Barry Fresh Designs, and Hand Crafted by J-Anne. Also, take a look at this video to help you see how the booth set-up process works: 
  4. How many hits and shoppers you get each month? In June, we had about 3,700 shoppers at the event (it was our first event—so we felt that those numbers were GREAT!)
  5. How many sales happen per event? In June, there were gross sales of about $500. There have been many changes made moving into this July event that should help shoppers have a better experience and want to spend more.
  6. What if, after I pay to participate, I am not approved? You will not have the option to pay before approval. When you apply, an email is sent to me (we can count this correspondence as that email—no need to fill out the application form), and then if approved, I email you a PayPal invoice.
  7. Once my booth is set up will it remain for future events? Even if I need to skip a month? Your booth and all of your products will remain for future events. If you ask to skip a month, I will “disable” your account. This restricts your access and keeps any of your products from being visible to shoppers, but all of your info and product listings are stored by the system. The account is then re-enabled once you decide to participate in another event and pay the corresponding booth fee. All info and products from last time will then be reinstated.
  8. Will I have the opportunity to have my booth without application in the months to come? You will not need to reapply for future events. You will just need to email me to get your account “enabled” again and then you can edit as much of that stored info as you want. If you skip a month, your email address will move from out “current vendor” list to our “potential vendor” list and you will receive updates on how the monthly events are going and reminders of deadlines to reinstate your booth.
  9. Are all approved vendors shown on the Home Page during the Craft Fair Event? If not, how are they selected? We will put a few products from each booth on the home page (when the site goes live) so that shoppers can “walk” through the virtual booth on the home page. Every vendor will be on that home page, and we will randomize the order periodically throughout the event. It will look something like this: 
  10. Are products organized into categories? Art, crafts, jewelry, etc.? The categories are broken down as: Kitchen, Home Décor, Garden, Jewelry, Accessories, Candles, Soap, Beauty, Fine Art, Photography, Cards, Books, Artisan Foods, DIY Kits, Crafting Supplies.
  11. Does Craft Fair USA handle collection and reporting sales taxes? We are looking into starting to handle the collecting and reporting of sales tax, but as of right now, sales tax reporting is up to each individual vendor, just as it would be at an in-person craft fair.
  12. Is part of our vendor fee used to advertise the event? Yes! We pay for the upkeep of the website and advertising with the vendor fee money. Right now, we are putting the total amount of collected vendor fees back into operations—the more vendors we get, the more ads we can afford. Currently, we are taking advantage of Facebook, Instagram, and select print marketing channels, as well as an email platform.
  13. How do you get the word out to the online public for them to shop? We have an email list that we utilize, Facebook marketing, and certain print ads as well. We also ask all vendors to help spread the word.
  14. Am I allowed to share the announcement of this event on our Facebook pages, email lists, or websites? Please share, share, share! Craft Fair USA does paid marketing of this event. However, the most people come when they are fans of the vendors, or when they hear by word of mouth.