Vendor Information

Booth fees for the craft fair will be $30 per vendor, per event. We will hold one event per month and vendors are invited to participate in all events, or choose which months they would like to participate.

See frequently asked questions HERE.

Upcoming events.

You do not need to stick to the event theme for all of your products. However, we will be marketing these events along the lines of each theme. 
  • August 27-30 
  • September 17-20 (Special Halloween Event)
  • October 22-25 (Thanksgiving Theme)
  • November 27-30 (Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday Theme)
  • December 24-27 (Give yourself a Gift for Christmas Theme) You do not need to be present or available on these days to participate. Just make sure that you have your booth set up before the event and come back on the last day, or the day after the event, to fulfill orders.

All booths and product listings will be hidden from view until the craft fair opens. This way, shoppers and website visitors will not be able to purchase any items unless it is during a scheduled virtual event.

When an event goes live, the site will morph into a fun, shoppable experience! Every booth will be visible on the Home Page, and customers will be able to "shop all products" or shop by category as well. The home page will morph into something like this:

Vendor Guidelines and Information.

  •  No profanities, vulgarities, or inappropriate innuendos are allowed.
  • Quality photos are a must--No screenshots or upside-down uploads. We want you to succeed, and photos are a huge part of that when selling online.
    • Don't worry! We will be here to help you with photography/upload issues along the way.
  • Because this is an online craft fair, all vendors must be willing to ship their items.
    • We will only be set up for shipping within the U.S. This will keep the process much easier.
  • No links to external sites for purchase. Our site is not really set up for this type of sale, and we have found that product listings retro-fitted for this do not seem to sell very well.
  • We recommend staying away from custom items. Our site is not able to easily capture custom information in the purchasing process. 
    • It is a good idea to stick to finished goods that are items you would take to a traditional craft fair--it is very rare that someone would be able to ask you to customize a product at your craft fair booth!
    • Each vendor has the ability to be contacted by shoppers that are interested in custom items. These info requests will be sent to you via email.
  • Each vendor will be limited to 25 product listings. This way we do not fill our entire craft fair up with only a few types of products.
    • Don't worry! We will show you how to use product variants to your advantage. Each product listing can incorporate many similar products.
  • Craft Fair USA does not keep any portion of your sales. However, credit card payments are processed through our site. Credit Card fees will be 2.8% per transaction.
  • Funds are payed out to you via PayPal Goods and Services. Depending on your PayPal account plan, PayPal fees may vary.
    • You will need either a personal or a business PayPal account in order to recieve payments due to you. Good news--an account is FREE to set up! Just go HERE.

We will be monitoring product listings and vendor booth pages in order to ensure that every vendor has a great shot at sales, and to keep up the aesthetic of the Craft Fair USA site, as a whole.

Please enjoy this virtual tour of our site and meet our Craft Fair Coordinator, Taylar.


If you would like a look into how a virtual booth is set up, take a look at this how-to video! We will also send it to all vendors after they have been accepted and their Booth Fee has been paid (along with other set-up instructions).


Helpful Blog articles can also be found HERE, or by clicking "Seller's Blog" at the bottom of any of our webpages.

Apply for a booth Space!

Registration for the September event is now closed. You can join our Potential Vendor List and recieve updates on when registration for the next event opens by signing up here:

Some Additional Information:

Vendor Acceptance. Not all vendors will be accepted, as we need to have a good variety and quality of arts and crafts. Craft Fair USA reserves the right to refuse applications without having to justify its decision. All booth bookings will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Booth bookings will only become effective when Craft Fair USA receives payment of booth fees via our vendor membership options. If the fair becomes over-subscribed, new vendor applications in the saturated categories will be placed on a waiting list for future events. As booth spots open up, wait-listed vendors will be invited to set up their booth.

Advertising. Craft Fair USA reserves the right to use photos, item descriptions, and vendor biographies to spotlight certain booths/vendors when advertising or promoting on multiple platforms. Booths/vendors to be spotlighted on social media, in email blasts, etc., will be chosen exclusively by Craft Fair USA based upon historical booth popularity, best selling items, and other considerations. These spotlights cannot be purchased.

Booth Fees. Booth Fees will be charged monthly. We will hold monthly events; you will not have to attend every event.

Your information. You must be 18 or older to have a booth with Craft Fair USA. You may not provide false information about yourself, nor may you impersonate another person or company. You may not use language that is offensive or vulgar. Do not use our services to break the law. You may not violate any laws in connection with your use of Craft Fair USA. Vendors are responsible for collecting and/or paying any applicable taxes for any purchases or sales you make through Craft Fair USA. Vendors must have a PayPal account to recieve funds from sales made through Craft Fair USA.

Contact us. We are always trying to improve our site and services. Let us know if you have any suggestions for changes. We are here to help our vendors have a successful fair! Contact us with any questions or issues you may have. Contact