About Our Online Craft Fair

Our mission is to help craft fair vendors and craft fair enthusiasts connect throughout the USA. We strive to host events that foster relationships and allow shoppers to discover crafters, artists, and vendors from all over the US--without leaving the comfort of their home.

Our site is only open for shopping for 4 days each month, creating a truly authentic "craft fair" feel for our shoppers. By hosting monthly shopping events, we are also able to provide a larger variety of items and vendor booths from month-to-month and event-to-event.

Craft Fair USA is a small business, born out of the shut-downs of 2020. Our Craft Fair Coordinator, Taylar, was sewing and thinking about the number of craft fairs that had been cancelled when out of the blue, the idea for Craft Fair USA was born!

Based in Eastern Washington, we are blessed to be able to connect buyers and sellers across the entire US through monthly, virtual craft fairs. We do not ship outside of the US, nor do we have any booths run from outside of the US.

Our first online craft show was held in June, 2020, and we look forward to many online events to come!

You may be asking: How does a virtual craft fair work?

The first thing that you will need to know is that our site is only shoppable during a craft fair event. You can see the event count-down timer at the top of any page at Craft Fair USA. In the weeks leading up to the event, you can get sneak-peaks of our new products and vendors on our home page and in our weekly email updates. (Sign up for email updates HERE.)

Once a craft fair event goes live, our website will change! New links across the top of the page will help you navigate booths and shop for unique items. New links and product collections on the main page will allow you to navigate to any product or booth in our fair.

All of our sellers are set up to ship throughout the US. Once you have purchased items, they will be sent out to you shortly.

What kind of booths are in our craft fairs?

We search the US for new and unique vendors (each monthly event will have something different!). Throughout our curated craft show, you will find a wide variety of booths selling goods from jewelry to cookies, books to furniture, and everything in-between. We even sprinkle in a few small vendors such as Pampered Chef, Chalk Couture, and Scentsy.