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Update your Contact Email

There are many ways that a customer can contact you with questions about your products on Craft Fair USA. Also, you will receive notifications from Craft Fair USA on many occasions such as: when you get a sale, when a customer reaches out to you, when you make a withdrawal. You can also choose to have your email address displayed to potential customers on your booth page.

Because of this, it is important to make sure that your account’s email address is the correct email that you would like to have associated with your booth. Follow the steps below to change or update your account email address.

Find your account info

Once you are logged into your vendor account, find the icons at the bottom of your vendor dashboard menu and click on the little person icon on the bottom of your list of vendor dashboard links.

This will open up a screen labeled “Edit Account Details.” From here, you can change your email, name, or password!

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