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How to Help Promote our Events

You may not think that you have what it takes to make an impact on how many shoppers come to one of our Virtual Craft Fair Events. But, many of your friends, family, or fans would LOVE to be able to support you! And, they may not see any of our targeted advertising.

You have more social impact than you may imagine.

Just the act of sharing our related Facebook event to your personal Facebook Page could reach hundreds of more interested shoppers!

So, lets look at ways that you can help share the word about our Virtual Craft Fair, as well as ways that you can make sure that you get shoppers to view and purchase your own products during the event!

How to post into the Facebook Event:

We encourage our vendor team to share posts into our Facebook Event listings. Many potential shoppers will be able to see the photos, information, and links that you post there.

Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to easily post into these Facebook Events.

How to share our event:

The best way for you to help share the word about our upcoming Craft Fair Sale is for you to interact with our Facebook Event listing. You can find the event page by heading to and clicking on the event that you are wanting to share.


  • Respond “going” to the event. After all, you will be attending–as a vendor! (When you do this, all of your friends will see that you are “going” and that may inspire them to attend, as well!)
  • “Invite” some of your friends to the event. You know if you have any friends that may be interested! (And, who knows–maybe they will invite more people!)
  • “Share” the event to your personal Facebook page.
  • If you have a business emailing list, make sure that you let your subscribers know that you will be attending this event. They would love to hear this new and exciting thing that you are working on!

Finally, if you have a Facebook Page for your business, “share” our Facebook event there, as well! Here is an example of a post created by one of our vendors about the upcoming event:

How to get traffic to your products/booth:

The next step is getting people to view your products on our site. Granted, once traffic is sent to the Craft Fair USA site, shoppers have the option to browse all products, view different product categories, or search for a certain type of product.

If you have not yet read up on how to get your products to show up in search, head to

Even if you do none of the following recommended actions, the probability of many of our 8,000+ monthly shoppers viewing your items is quite high!

But, you can increase your visibility by:

  • Posting in our current Facebook event will help those that responded either “going” or “interested” to see your beautiful items. All posts must be approved by Craft Fair USA; this is so that we can regulate the posts to trickle out to shoppers, rather than all post at one time.
    • What makes a great post?
      • Photos! Great photos are key.
      • Links!
        • When you post about a certain item of yours, include the link so that a shopper can click and be sent directly to that item. This will make it much easier for them to purchase, rather than them having to try and search the site to find your item.
        • When you post photos of many of your items, include the link to your “virtual booth” so that the shopper can easily click and see all that you have to offer.
      • If you offer free shipping, mention that! Did you know that online shoppers are 85% more likely to purchase something that has free shipping? (That percentage may not be right, but I did just read a study that said something like this the other day–and it makes sense!)
      • Don’t talk about yourself! Make your post description focus on the customer and how your item/items can help them.
        • Before: “I make cute welcome mats with HTV vinyl!”
        • After: “Spruce up your home for the Holidays with handmade welcome mats of all sizes!”
        • Can you hear the difference?
  • Responding to customer comments/questions on your post, once it is approved.
    • Be direct in your answers–use links when necessary. Always try to make it super easy for them to make the purchase.
    • Not to worry, Craft Fair USA will be monitoring these posts/comments as well. We will try to answer questions wherever we can!

But, doesn’t Craft Fair USA handle all the advertising for the event?

Yes. The great thing about selling with Craft Fair USA is that we have a large advertising budget that is used to drive traffic to our Craft Fair Events each month.

But, we have found that the involved vendors usually do a bit better, sales-wise, than those that “set and forget.” Also, these tips and tricks will help you stand out on our platform, as well.

Unlike many other virtual vendor events, we do not require you to do any marketing, sharing, or invites. Neither do we require you to be “live” or glued to a screen during any of our events.

We are here for you. We are getting the word out for you. You can choose to help spread the word with us, and we will have a spectacular event!

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