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Who doesn’t love a good coupon code? We know that your customers will; use this tab to make coupons for the items in your booth.

You can use these coupons to:

  • Send in the orders that you ship from this month’s fair as a way to get customers to return and shop in your booth next month
  • Share in Facebook, via email, or other ways with friends, family, or customers
  • Entice shoppers to visit your booth page to redeem the coupon

You can create a coupon that will apply to all of the products in your booth or just certain products. Whichever you choose, make sure that you are sharing your booth or product URL in any place that you share your coupon code!

Create a Code

After logging in to your vendor dashboard, click the “coupons” option in the vendor menu. Then, click the blue “add new coupon” button.

You will then be directed to this coupon information page.

  • Coupon Title: This is the code that will be entered to redeem the savings in the cart or checkout pages.
  • Description: This field is not required.
  • Discount Type:
    • Percentage Discount: Offer a percentage off of the entire order.
    • Fixed Product Discount: Offer a dollar amount off, per product purchased.
  • Amount: Enter the percent or dollar amount, depending on discount type. Do not use any symbols, such as $ or %. Enter 10% as 10.00. Enter $10 as 10.00
  • Email Restrictions: Any email addresses entered here will not be able to redeem the coupon, if that email address is entered by the customer at checkout.
  • Usage Limit: Enter a number here if you only want to allow the coupon to be redeemed by a certain number of orders. For example, you may want to have a special offer for the first 10 shoppers to purchase from your booth.
  • Expire Date: Do you want this coupon to expire?
  • Exclude Sale Items: Check this checkbox if you do not want the coupon to apply to items that you have added a sale price to.
  • Minimum Amount: Minimum sale amount that this coupon will apply to. Do not include the dollar symbol. Example: you may want to offer 10% off orders greater than $50.00.
  • Product: What products will this coupon work on? Click the “select all” button if you want this coupon to apply to any product that you list.
  • Exclude Product: Add a product listing here that will not work with this coupon. For example, maybe you want to offer this coupon for all of your products except one.
  • Show on Booth Page: Check this box to show the coupon on your booth page. It will show right below the banner image.

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