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Configure your Booth Settings

Your booth settings are the backbone of your presence here on Craft Fair USA. Without these settings configured, you will not be able to get paid, your customers will not get to learn about you, and you will not be able to ship anything to any customer.

If you would prefer to learn by video, please scroll to the bottom of this article. Let’s get started!

Navigate to Booth Settings

To find your booth settings, log in to your vendor dashboard at My Account and click the “Settings” tab at the bottom of the vendor menu, to the left of the screen.

The other tabs shown in this first vendor dashboard screen are:

  • Dashboard: See an overview of your sales revenue, number of orders, announcements, and number of listed products.
  • Orders: View all orders here. It is important to only process orders that are marked as “processing.”
  • Coupons: Here, you can make coupons to share with customers and potential customers.
  • Analytics: Learn how many people view which of your product listings.
  • Announcements: Here is where you will see messages from Craft Fair USA.
  • Support: Here is where you will find support requests from potential customers and reply to their questions.

Learn more about any/all of these dashboard options in our Dashboard Menu Option Tutorials.

Booth, Photos & General

  1. Once in the “Booth” option of the Vendor Settings, you will see a progress bar along the top of the page. This bar will give you suggestions on fields to fill out, in order to get to 100%, but not all fields will be applicable to all vendors. Do not worry about getting this bar to read 100%.
  2. To view your booth page as a customer would view it, click “Visit Booth” at the top of the page. This is helpful to check and see if you really like the way that your profile photo, or other information, shows up in your booth page.
  3. Next, upload a banner photo. Best photos to use here are: a photo of your creation process, an in-person booth of yours, or a stylized collection of some of your products. This image will also render in the Virtual Vendor Mall. Recommended banner photo size is 625×300 pixels.
  4. Upload a profile photo. Best photo to use here is an image of yourself or your business logo. Recommended profile image size is 150×150 pixels and must be cropped square prior to upload.

Booth, Address & Information

Scrolling down the “Booth” page, there are many more options and fields to fill in.

  1. Booth Name: Here, you can change the name of your booth.
  2. Booth Products Per Page: Here, you can choose how many products you want to show per page in your booth. If you want shoppers to see all of your products without going to different pages, enter 45 in this spot.
  3. Address: This will not be shown to customers, but it is required. This does not change the location of the map on this page, you will need to type your town/city into the field circled red in this screenshot.
  4. Phone Number: This will not be shown to customers, but it is required.
  5. Email: Check this box if you want potential customers to see your email address.
  6. More Products: Check this box if you would like to add a section to each of your product listings that will showcase your other product listings.
  7. Map: Our shoppers love to purchase from USA-based vendors. Enter your town/city in the bar above the map to show customers the general area that you are located.

Booth, Booth-Wide Discount

By checking the box, here, you will be able to offer a booth-wide discount, if you so choose.

  • Minimum Order Amount: How much do you want to make a customer spend in order to qualify for this discount?
  • Percentage: How much of a discount do you want to give them?

This section can be used in order to increase the average order value of any customer at your booth. If customers usually purchase one candle for $15, you can encourage them to purchase extra products with an offer of “10% off all orders over $20.”

Booth, Vendor Biography

The biography section is the perfect place for you to tell your story. Any information that you would like your customer to be able to learn about your or your business should go here.

  1. Add Media: Click here to upload any photos that you would like to include in your biography section.
  2. Paragraph: Click this drop-down section to format the words that you type. Using headings can help readers navigate your story better.
  3. Tools: The rest of these little icons are similar to any other typing/editing software. If you are unsure what one means, hover your mouse over the icon and a little information bubble will appear.

Booth, Support Button

The support section allows you to enable an “ask a question” button to appear on all of your product listings. If a potential customer clicks this button, they will be able to send you a message.

Do not make the support button text field longer than 3 words. It should not include your email address. If you make this button text too long, customers will not be able to read the text. Sentences and email information should be included in each product listing’s description, not the support button.

Finally, click “Update Settings” at the bottom or top of the page.

Get Paid

Getting paid–this is the whole point of selling with Craft Fair USA! Make sure that you enter the correct email for your PayPal account with no typos. Payments are sent automatically and will get lost if your PayPal address is entered incorrectly.

Also, reminder: Craft Fair USA charges 0% on each sale/transaction made on our platform!


Your shipping rules and prices must be created outside of each product listing, and then added to each listing. The shipping options, charge options, etc., are very robust.

With so many options and ways to set up shipping, please head to our Shipping Training to learn how to properly set up your shipping rules and rates.

It is worth mentioning that free shipping can be a great way to get more sales. If you do offer free shipping, or free shipping over a certain purchase amount, make sure that you are putting that information into each product listing’s title, short description, or description.

Social Profile

In the Social Profile tab, you will be given the option to add links to any social media sites that your business has a presence on. The links to these sites will be displayed at the top right of your booth’s banner image.

You do not need to fill all of these out, nor do you have to fill any out.


What is SEO? SEO is an acronym that stands for “Search Engine Optimization;” this is what allows sites like Google to find and return relevant results to any question/topic that you search for.

SEO in terms of Google will not be super important when it comes to your Craft Fair USA booth because your booth will only be open for shopping for 4 days out of the month.

But, the Facebook information here is going to be the most important, as we ask our vendors to post about their booths into our Facebook events.

  1. This information is all for search engines like Google.
    • SEO Title: the title of your listing if it shows up in Google search results.
    • Meta Description: the short description that shows up in Google search.
    • Meta Keywords: these are the keywords that you want Google to return your booth page for. Enter these keywords, separated by a comma.
  2. Facebook!
    • Facebook Title: the title that will show any time that you share your booth link on Facebook.
    • Facebook Description: the description that will show any time that you share your booth link on Facebook.
    • Facebook Image: the image that will show any time that you share your booth link on Facebook.
  3. Twitter: All of these options are the same as for Facebook, but will show if your booth link is shared on Twitter.

Menu Icons

What are these little icons for? You can find them on the bottom of your vendor dashboard menu.

From left to right:

  • Visit Booth Page: Takes you to view your booth page as a customer will see it.
  • Edit Account: Click here to change your name, email address (as it appears to customers in your booth), and your account password.
  • Log Out: This will log you out of your Craft Fair USA user account.

Next step: add some product listings! Head to this article to learn how.

Video Tutorial:

Follow along with this video to get a better feel for the process. There is some more, in-depth information in the written steps, above, but this video will give you a great overview of how all of this works. Video link:


  1. Hello, For some reason when I go to sign in to get on your Facebook page it comes up I am no longer allowed to sell on Facebook??? Submit for review??? I haven't done anything?? I don't understand why I can't get on your facebook page? I paid my $30 I filled everything out.I am in the process if setting up my booth I don't even know if im going to be able to do that this came out of nowhere.I am completely confused. Is there any reason you can think of as to why I can't get on to your facebook page?please help me?? Thankyou Pam Jordan
    • Hi there! I went ahead and emailed you to get some more information from you. I am not aware that this should happen at all, but if you can reply to my email with a screenshot of what you are seeing, I will be able to better understand and help.
  2. I have my first order and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to proceed! I see where I can print off an Invoice and a packing slip! BUT, I see nothing, anywhere, on how to get a packing label! Also, I guess I had not quite finished setting up shipping as per cost, so I guess I will have to eat that cost for this first order. But help!!! I have an ETSY Shop, so I am not totally a newbie, by frankly, this site is not very user friendly.
    • Hi there! We actually sent you (and all of our current vendors) 2 emails with an easy-to-follow video on how to fulfil an order. Once you watch that, the buttons will make sense and be user-friendly ;) The problem is that it is not set up 100% like Etsy (sorry about that). Here are the video links that you missed; you may want to check your email inbox to make sure that you are opening all the vendor info emails that we send out! 1. How to fulfill an order: 2. How to get paid:

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