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IMPORTANT: If you have any product listings that were created before February 7th, 2021, the shipping will not work well with these products. All you will need to do is create a duplicate of this product, delete the original listing, and perhaps update the duplicated product’s title.

Learn how to determine the creation date of your product listings, duplicate listings, and delete listings in our Product Listing Tutorial.

If you need more help with this, please check out this quick tutorial video:


Shipping is the most important thing about a virtual craft fair! It can also seem the most daunting. Before we delve into the technical side of how to set shipping up on our platform, here are some pro tips for you to use in all of your online selling:

  1. Customers like free shipping. But, they need to know that they will be getting free shipping. Consider adding “FREE SHIPPING” to your product titles and/or a statement about your free shipping options in your product descriptions.
  2. Shipping is expensive! Do not pay full price at the Post Office. Instead, sign up for a free account at or to get discounted rates. Pirate Ship offers USPS discounts and Shippo offers discounts on UPS and FedEx.
  3. Remember to add in the cost of your packaging and/or time to get the items mailed. Big stores call this “handling” expense and lump it in to their “shipping and handling costs.” Don’t be afraid to add this to your shipping costs.

Quick Video Intro

Here we have a quick video that will help you understand the different parts of the Shipping Tab. Then, follow along with the written article below for help setting up different types of shipping rates.

Understand how to enter rates

As we begin to fill out the shipping settings, you will find a section similar to this photo under each cost section. This is there as a reminder as to how you have to fill out these cost sections, in order for the computer to be able to make sense of what you are wanting to charge.

Make sure that you are using the correct symbols and syntax.

  • Most common mistakes:
    1. Using the $ symbol.
    2. Entering a number instead of [qty]
    3. Using symbols other than [ ]
    4. Remember the spaces on each side of the * symbol
  • Options:
    1. Charge an amount per item purchased from you. EX: Charge $10 per individual item by typing 10.00 * [qty]
    2. Charge an amount per cost level. EX: If you type [cost] here, it will calculate the shipping cost as the same as the product cost. So, $18 in product would charge shipping of $18. Adding a number before is, like: 10.00 * [cost] will make the shipping charge $180 for the $18 product.
    3. Charge a percentage of the order cost. EX: An order is $100; charge $10 shipping. An order is $50; charge $5 shipping. Do this by charging 10% of the order cost; type [fee percent=’10’ min_fee=” max_fee=”]
      • Create a minimum charge for this percentage-based fee by adding a number in the min_fee section. To have a minimum charge of $10.50, edit this section to read: [fee percent=’10’ min_fee=’10.50′ max_fee=”]
      • Create a maximum shipping charge by editing the max_fee section in the same way. To have a maximum shipping charge of $35, edit this section to read: [fee percent=’10’ min_fee=” max_fee=’35’]
      • Use these in conjunction to have a minimum and maximum shipping charge: [fee percent=’10’ min_fee=’10.50′ max_fee=’35’]

One rate for all of the USA

This is one of the most simple ways that you can set up your shipping. In order to get this set up, you will only need to make edits to Shipping Zone 1; click Zone 1 in the Shipping Settings to get to the Zone 1 edit screen.


  1. Click “add shipping method,” choose “flat rate,” and then hover over the Flat Rate listing and click “edit.”
  2. Fill out the information.
    • Title: This is the name of shipping that the customer will see in their shopping cart. You can name this in a way that will help you remember what it is, leave it as “flat rate,” or name it with the type of shipping you use, like: “USPS Flat Rate.”
    • Cost: How much do you want to charge? See the above section, “Understand how to enter rates.” to learn how to enter the pricing structure that you would like.
    • Tax Status: Shipping typically is not taxed. Leave this at “none.”
    • Description: Enter a short description here, if you would like.
  3. If you want to learn about Shipping Classes (adding extra cost for certain product listings), scroll down this help article.

Separate rates for certain states

If you have already finished setting up a rate for the entire USA and want to charge a different rate for a few states or zip codes, you can do this by editing new Zones in your settings.

If you have Zone 1 set up for all of the USA, and the other Zone(s) set up for certain states, the state rates will override the USA-wide rate. If you also have a Zone(s) set up for zip codes, the zip code rates will override the State rates and the USA-wide rate.

To create a rate for certain state(s):

  1. Click “edit” on a new Zone from your list.
  2. In the “select states” section, click the text box to be able to choose/search for states in the drop-down list.
  3. Select the states that you want this new rate to apply to.
  4. Finish setting up the shipping method and rates, just like you did with your USA-wide rate(s).

Separate rates for zip codes

Creating separate rates, based on zip code, is very similar to creating different rates based on State.

To create a rate for certain zip code(s):

  1. Click “edit” on a new Zone from your list.
  2. In the “limit zip” section, toggle the switch to “on” (green) to enable to “set your postcode” section.
  3. Type the zip codes that you want this new rate to apply to; separate codes with a comma.

Free Shipping

Want to just offer free shipping? Offer free shipping on all orders, only in certain Zones, or offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount.

Once inside the edit screen of a Zone:

  1. Click “add shipping method,” choose “free shipping,” and then hover over the Free Shipping listing and click “edit.”
  2. Fill out the information.
    • Method Title: You can name this in a way that will help you remember what it is. Or, leave it as “flat rate.”
    • Minimum Order…: Leave this at 0.00 to charge free shipping on any order; type a number here to only offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount.
      • If you select to have a minimum order amount for free shipping, you will need to also have a flat rate shipping profile set up in that Zone, or customers will not be able to place orders for less than that minimum dollar amount.

Local Pickup

If you would like to offer local pickup to your customers, you can do so for free or charge a pickup fee. It is best to only offer this to a certain state or zip code.

But, you can also offer it everywhere. If you make the title “Local Pickup in (type location)”, then all customers will see this title as an option to choose. Maybe they have family in your area. Or, they might be planning a vacation in your neck of the woods.

  1. Title: This is what customers will see in their cart and at checkout. This is especially important with local pickup because you will probably also have a paid shipping method available for customers. This way, they can choose for normal shipping or local pickup.
  2. Cost: How much do you want the local pickup handling charge to be? Leave at 0 and this will be a free option.
  3. Tax Status: Shipping typically is not taxed. Leave this at “none.”
  4. Description: Enter a short description here, if you would like.

Shipping Classes

Watch this quick tutorial video to get a better understanding of what shipping classes are and how to use them.

The use of shipping classes will allow you to charge more shipping for certain product types. For example: if I sell earrings and china dolls, both of these types of items will cost different to ship.

The first thing that you need to know is that the prices in the shipping classes will be added to the price that you entered in the top “cost” section of the Flat Rate edit screen.

Then, enter the costs for each class just as you would the cost in the first section of the flat rate shipping box. In order for this to work, you have to also select the correct shipping class in the corresponding product listings.

Lastly, choose the calculation type.

  • Per class: If a customer purchases an earring and a doll, they will be charged the doll rate + the earring rate.
  • Per order: If a customer purchases an earring and a doll, they will be charged just the most expensive rate.

Complex Shipping Options

As you can see, the shipping settings on Craft Fair USA offer loads of possibilities. If you are wanting to make the most out of these possibilities, it is possible to weave a complex web of shipping options and types for your customers to choose from.

For instance, you could let customers choose if they want their box sent via USPS or UPS, with our without insurance, standard shipping or next-day air.

Watch this quick video for an explanation of one creative way to accomplish this:


  1. Hi Taylar- the shipping rates are still not appearing on my screen under shipping. It’s blank. Please check this. Thank you Karen Walker
    • Sorry about the wait time! I ended up having to get on a chat with the tech support to find out what was going on—it should be all fixed now! Please let me know if you can see the shipping line items now 😊
  2. I am happy to have uniform shipping rate for all of USA. What about international orders? Do I need to set something up for international orders? I am concerned about offering free shipping and getting an international order.
  3. Just a thought-Hopefully as this venture grows, you will offer a calculate shipping option for customers and vendors. For heavier items, a free shipping option can cause the item's price to be inflated for customers close by as opposed to mailing cross country. Calculated shipping is fairer for both vendor and customer. Vendors who want to make it easy on themselves and offer free shipping often really hurt their possibility of making a profit. For example, if you are selling a lip balm for $2.00 with free shipping, I would guess shipping across the country would be more than what you are selling your product for. Your site is fabulous and I am just hoping you consider even making it better!
    • This is precisely why you are able to make different rates depending on the state. You can offer free shipping to states near you, $1.00 shipping to states a bit further away, and $2.00 shipping to go across the USA. Please read the above shipping article to see how to do this. Obviously, we are constantly making improvements to our site. Also, obviously, we cannot have a perfect site all at the beginning. We are a small business, not like a large "Etsy" with unlimited funding :( However, when you compare us with any other "virtual craft fair site" we are years and miles ahead on functionality and design. I just was actually just looking at a "virtual" show site done by a HUGE craft fair company in my area... And their site was not even mobile friendly. There was no shopping cart for people to purchase through. Basically it was a list of links to other websites... We do know that we have a bunch of improvements to make. But, we also do not want to forget how lucky we are to have a platform that is as far along as it is :)

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