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A Look at Variants

Variants (or options) are a super important part of selling handmade goods online. So, how do we best use these on Craft Fair USA? In order to offer variations of your product to customers, you will need to go through a couple step process. (But, don’t worry! It is pretty easy.)

First, either create a new product or navigate to “edit” a product that you have already created and want to add variants to.

Scroll down to the “Product Data” section. When first creating a product listing, this will automatically be set as a “Simple Product”.

This just means that there are zero options available to the buyer. Leave your listing as a “Simple Product” if you made just one of the items you are selling and will not be making any more.

Or, if you have already made 10 keychains in one color, but do not want to make any more in any different colors or styles.

In order to create variables on your listing, you will want to toggle the drop-down menu to say “variable Product.”

Then, navigate to “Attributes.”

Next, click “Add.” This will open up the circled dialogue box. You must name the Attribute; this is like the general name of the options you want to list (such as size, color, etc.).

Then, add in all the colors or sizes that you want to offer in this attribute. Attributes must be separated with this symbol | which is found just above the enter key on a traditional keyboard.

>You can add multiple attributes by clicking “add” again. This is great if you offer different sizes and different colors for every size, for example.<

Make sure that you have both boxes under “Name” checked. The second one is what makes this attribute translate into the variations tab and is very important. Click “Save Attributes”

Next, click on the “Variations” tab. Toggle the drop-down menu to “create variations from all attributes” and click “Go.” This will make the computer automatically pair all variations available (if you made multiple options like size and color in the previous step).

Click “Ok” in the pop-up dialogue box.

Now, you will be given the option to choose the default value when a customer opens your product listing. You can leave it as “no default” or change it to your most popular option.

Also, you can see that all of your variations have populated from the Attributes that you previously created.

Click on the number to the left of the variant name in order to open the editing box.

In the editing box that opens, you can:

  1. Click here to upload a photo that is specific to that variant. If you do this, your customer will see that photo when they choose the corresponding variation from the drop-down on the product page. You do not need to do this; if you do not do this, all photos that you upload to your listing will still be visible to shoppers.
  2. If you want to track your inventory (for example, if you only have 5 pink shirts), click this box. This will enable you to set the max number of this variation that you can sell. SEE BELOW.
  3. Enter the price for this variation. Maybe your variants are size and the larger item costs more. This feature allows you to charge different prices for different variations. NOTE: The sale price sill show up to shoppers as your regular price, crossed out and the price entered as “sale price” next to it.

When you click the “manage stock” option, the “stock status” line transforms. Now, you can enter the number of this variation that you would like to make available.

It is a good idea to not allow back orders. If you do allow back orders, your customer will be notified that the item is out of stock, but they will be able to purchase anyway. This will mean that you will need to hurry and make more items to fill the back-ordered orders.

As you scroll down, you will get the opportunity to create a description that is unique to this variation. Maybe your variations are sizes and you would like to notate the size here, rather than (or in addition to) in your product’s main description. You do not need to fill the description box here if you do not want to.

Next, you will get to set shipping rules for this variation. Do not change this section if the shipping rules are NOT different than the rules you set under the main product shipping tab, as variation shipping rules will supersede the product-wide shipping rules.

Once you have finished these steps for all the variations you have listed, click “Save Changes.”

I hope that this helps you tons in your online craft fair journey! Happy Selling!

4 thoughts on “A Look at Variants

  1. Thank you this was very helpful. My account is not recognizing the shipping application. I can put in the weight but not the price.
    Thank you for looking in to this.
    Karen walker

    1. If you can see the “Shipping Rules” section, you will need to choose “insert row” in order to add a price. Please see our shipping blog post at for further assistance. If you are still having trouble, it would be helpful if you could email me a screenshot of your shipping tab screen so that I can see what is going on. You can send it to

  2. I can’t get the Variants to work. At least it appears not to be working right. First my products with Variants don’t show up on the Dashboard. It says I have 28 products-I have 30 with 2 having variants. Then every time (daily) I go in to check, the products with variants don’t have prices and it says they are sold out or not available. I have gone in and corrected, and as long as I’m logged in it will keep all the price, amount and selling information. But if I log off it looses the price, and other information. I have deleted and reentered both of these 2 times each. I had 2 windows open with a side by side comparison when I last was setting up one and your demo on the other. I’m at a loss at this point.

    1. Strange! I would love to help you with this. If you can email a screenshot or the product titles of the products that you are having issues with to, I will definitely see what is going on.

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